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Starter kits that help you run your projects in a smarter, better and faster way.

Core ERP (22 productproducts)

Platforms, modules and templates related to the management of core business processes, such as HR, accounting, governance, procurement, customer services, production and more.

Experience (26 productproducts)

Effortless, intuitive experiences for customers, users and employees.

Security & compliance (16 productproducts)

Tools and approaches that optimize and streamline security and compliance processes in multiple sectors and business activities.

Data innovation (16 productproducts)

Tools and solutions pertaining to the storage, processing, analysis, visualization and modeling of data and information.

Software (17 productproducts)

delaware-developed services and SaaS solutions.

Roadmaps (15 productproducts)

Optimized rollout guidelines for business capabilities to deliver tomorrow today.

Other (23 productproducts)

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