Azure Monitoring

​Get a grip on your Cloud! Monitor your Azure apps, services, infrastructure and network​

IT professionals and development operations (DevOps) professionals

Monitor your infrastructure
Monitor your network
Monitor your applications

Value Proposition

Azure Monitor is a service that provides performance and availability monitoring for infrastructure, applications and services in Azure or on-premise.

Azure Monitor collects data from multiple sources into a common data platform so it can be analyzed for trends and anomalies.

The data is automatically analyzed and triggers alerts that are send to our ITSM platform. Our engineers can quickly perform the needed actions to get your infrastructure, network or application up and running again.

A personal on-line dashboard is available to monitor your critical infrastructure and services.


  • Detect issues regarding your Azure infrastructure, network, services or applications.
  • Correlate infrastructure issues with Azure Monitor for VMs and Azure Monitor for Containers.
  • Drill into your monitoring data with Log Analytics for troubleshooting and deep diagnostics.
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Full Monitoring Package

IaaS and PaaS Monitoring

On demand
  • Monitoring with automated Alerts (IaaS & PaaS) to delaware's service-desk
  • Dashboard inside Azure (IaaS & PaaS)

Infrastructure Package

IaaS Monitoring

On demand
  • Monitoring with IaaS Alerts to delaware's service-desk
  • Dashboard inside Azure (IaaS)

Platform Package

PaaS Monitoring

On demand
  • Monitoring with automated PaaS Alerts to delaware's service-desk
  • Dashboard inside Azure (PaaS)

Contact our expert

Mathieu Bonte

Mathieu started at delaware in September 2019, freshly graduated. Since then he worked on various projects using Azure and a variety of Azure related assignments such as Lighthouse, onboarding for new customers and Azure Monitoring. Mathieu also participated on major projects for companies across the globe as an Azure advisor.

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