Generative AI - Executive Briefing

Unleash genAI for Business Success

1-hour briefing to educate C-level and management on the benefits, best practices, and real-world applications of Generative AI for organizations

Grow the genAI knowledge with C-levels
Increased support from leadership

Value Proposition

Generative AI is becoming a key differentiator for businesses eager to disrupt their way of working in this digital age. It helps them in their creative thinking, increase process efficiency, grow their responsiveness, design new business models,...and much more.

Organizations who understand this see Generative AI as a core capability, not a gimmick, that generates value by introducing enriched capabilities in their way of working. These organizations strengthen their operations with AI-generated skills. It allows organizations to think out-of-the-box and benefit from the power of artificial intelligence, embracing it as an extension to their existing capabilities.

This 1-hour interactive executive briefing is intended for IT leaders, Digital Transformation Managers, and Process Owners looking for a better understanding of Generative AI, the opportunities it brings and the challenges it helps to address, as well as real-world examples on how businesses are taking advantage of OpenAI today and how delaware is assisting them.

Generative AI - Executive Briefing

Set up fee starts from €999

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Sven Arnauts

Sven combines his expertise and experience in performance management and artificial intelligence with his prior career as marketing manager. He assists his clients towards growing sustainable profitable businesses by managing customer value. Aside from his consulting work, Sven is a respected teacher and guest speaker at several institutes and national and international conferences.

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