OPI Dashboard

Enabling real-time insights in Operational Performance Indicators and quick actions

For ambitious organizations looking to boost their operational performance.

Boost operational performance
Fast setup of organization-specific OPI's
Reporting platform is fully embedded in S/4 license

Value Proposition

The OPI dashboard is a cost efficient solution for real-time operational reporting. It enables companies to manage all key operations with real-time insights leading to quick decisions & actions, ultimately boosting operational performance. The required reporting platform is fully embedded in S/4 HANA with easy-to-use tools such as KPI modeler that allow a fast and easy setup of organization-specific performance indicators.

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  • Jump-start solution for operational performance insights
  • Pre-built Insight-to-Action logic
  • Easy to use across all ERP domains
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OPI Dashboard

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Kenny Vanleeuwen

Kenny started his career at delaware in 2013 with a focus on thoroughly analyzing processes across multiple domains and finding an efficient translation of these processes to SAP ERP & S/4HANA. He is FAST ENGINEER solution owner and is also strongly involved in delivering value to customers through embedded analytics.

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