OPI Dashboard

Enabling real-time insights in Operational Performance Indicators and quick actions

for whom?

For ambitious organizations looking to boost their operational performance



  • Jump-start solution for operational performance insights
  • Pre-built Insight-to-Action logic
  • Easy to use across all ERP domains


  • Boost operational performance
  • Fast setup of organization-specific OPI's
  • Reporting platform is fully embedded in S/4 license

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Value Proposition

The OPI dashboard is a cost efficient solution for real-time operational reporting. It enables companies to manage all key operations with real-time insights leading to quick decisions & actions, ultimately boosting operational performance. The required reporting platform is fully embedded in S/4 HANA with easy-to-use tools such as KPI modeler that allow a fast and easy setup of organization-specific performance indicators.

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Our expert

Andrew Sepahpour

Having worked across various industries, Andrew is highly skilled in solving business problems. Driven by a passion for taking on challenges and the opportunity to think, Andrew has been the lead solution architect across Utilities, Government and Retail projects, delivering business value through challenging S/4HANA implementations. Through 25 years of experience working with SAP, Andrew has extensive technical and business IT experience - there's not much Andrew hasn’t seen. What Andrew loves about SAP is its ability to reinvent itself and is excited about the opportunities this technology brings to push the boundaries and innovate.

Specialties: SAP, Utilities, Local Government. Implementation of technically challenging solutions to solve business problems.

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