FAST C/4 Manufacturing

Customer Intimacy template for the manufacturing industry, based on C/4 HANA

For Manufacturing companies who really care about the customer and need to deliver a consistently great experience at every touchpoint, channel & device.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Fast and cost efficient implementation
Boost customer intimacy
Have an End to End platform which focuses on optimizing the customer experience & personalized content

Value Proposition

FAST C/4 Manufacturing is a cost efficient Customer intimacy template, based on standard C/4 HANA technology. It consists of best practices, an agile but pragmatic project approach and extensive documentation. It allows you to provide a better service by assisting your customers by helping them find new products, see exclusive promotions, receive personalized content & download technical data sheets. It focuses on:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Complaint Management
  • Configure, Price, Quote
  • Campaign Management
  • B2B Commerce


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  • Cost efficient Customer Intimacy template
  • Industry-specific best practices
  • Agile but pragmatic approach and extensive documentation
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FAST C/4 Manufacturing

€25 per 1 million revenue/year
(Min 3k/year)

Implementation cost

Commerce €250k

Marketing €50k

Sales €40k

(budget can be higher depending on requirements)

SAP License Cost

Commerce Standard

€240k yearly

100k orders

Marketing Standard

€42k yearly

100k contacts

Sales Prof

€12k yearly

Min. 10 users

Contract for 3 years

Early termination fee: 2 years

Right to use IP during contract term

  • Excl. integration
  • Excl. customization
  • Excl. warranty
  • Excl. maintenance

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Christoph Bogaerts

Christoph has more than 13 years experience and has a passion for customer engagement and commerce. “We seek to create magical moments for our customers so they can amaze their own customers.”

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