Azure All-In-One

Ready to enjoy a cocktail that keeps your Azure environment healthy & reduces TCO?

Companies running Azure that want to optimize their environments.

Reduce TCO on your Azure environment
Enhance security on your Azure environment
Apply best practices to your Azure environment

Value Proposition

• Azure Site Recovery: Replicate and fail-over your machines across Azure regions to make sure you are protected in case disaster strikes.
• Azure Backup: Back up your workloads and restore them across Azure regions. Restore in-place, side-by-side, disks only or a file 24h to 30 days ago.
• Azure Security Center: Analyze your environment, set up remediation and deploy delaware best practice security fixes.
• Azure Advisor: Apply Azure advisories on cost, security, operational excellence and many more to operate at peak level.
• Azure Cleanup: Assess your environment for unused resources such as unattached data disks, deprecated snapshots, unused public IPs and many more.
• Azure Dashboard: Assess your environment in a customized view; you decide what is important and should get attention.


Mix and match these modules to create a customized "cocktail" that will keep your Azure environment healthy while keeping costs under control and reducing TCO at the same time. Cheers!

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Azure environment assessment

Starts from 1 day

During this intake process, our engineers go through your landscape and listen to your needs. Some off-the-shelf solutions will be presented in this interactive session, while other issues will be discussed and examined.

Shortly thereafter you will receive a detailed recipe from our experts that blends all ingredients together into your unique Azure cocktail. Depending on the component, this can range from a 'how to install' guideline to an extensive project plan and timeline.

All-inclusive package for Azure environment

Starts from 1 day

We visit your office and present the optimal solution for the various Azure components that we discussed during the initial session(s). One or more engineers will implement it independantly or collaborate with you and your team to bring the Azure component(s) to life.

Contact our expert

Glenn Verschuere

Glenn holds a professional bachelor's degree in New Media and Communication Technologies. He joined delaware in 2017 as a network and Microsoft service engineer and quickly developed an interest in cloud computing on Microsoft Azure. He has been involved in Azure technical setups, presales, cloud architecture (SAP on Azure) and solution assessments involving data and infrastructure migrations or cost control.

Glenn is AZ-104 certified and actively working on acquiring architect-level certifications.

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