Security Center Audit in Azure

Secure your Azure Cloud experience with best-in-class security tools

As an Azure customer, you want your environment to be as secure as possible. With Azure Security Center, we can guarantee a completely secure environment by implementing Microsoft Azure best practices.

Rest assured that your Azure environment is as secure as it can be
Keep up with the latest security features and patches
Rely on an easy-to-use interface to check compliance and implement solutions where needed

Value Proposition

The Azure Security Center solution contains a security overview of the entire Azure subscription. It gathers information for the Azure environment, security event log, application event log and the Windows firewall log to assess different security conditions. Degree of compliance to the security principles of Azure are represented by a comprehensive security score. The overall secure score indicates how secure the subscription truly is.


  • The overall secure score provides a quick indication of how secure your subscription really is. The higher this percentage is, the better your environment is protected. 
  • As a customer, you are assured that your Azure environment has been fully audited for security and that all security suggestions have been implemented with your approval.
  • Stay up to date with the latest security features and patches from day zero.
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Azure Security Center Audit

Get an overview of your Azure security level

Starting from €750

Receive a full Azure security audit and we'll provide you with a detailed overview of actions and implementations to consider.

Full findings document

All recommendations included

Azure Security Center Audit + implementation

Discover your Azure security score

Starting from €1,500

Receive a full Azure Security Audit and we'll implement the approved suggestions with you.

Full findings document + implementation

All recommendations and implementations included

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