SAP System Health Check

Enjoy a cocktail containing all the ingredients for a healthy, cost-effective SAP

Smoothly running SAP systems are in everyone's best interests.  Hand this  concern over to delaware's experts. The Supportability Overview will help you decide to upgrade or migrate and reduce TCO.

Use the Supportability Overview in your roadmap to reduce TCO or make strategic moves
Regular, automated checks of over 100 parameters, with reports
By module, we compare your actual release to the latest one and help you upgrade

Value Proposition

1. Do you know when your database version will reach end of life?  Do you suspect that the current EHP will longer be supported next year? Hoping for a support extension? Maybe now is the time to replace that expensive database and reduce TCO.

2. When you bring your SAP car to our 'garage', we plug in our diagnostic tool and check your SAP environment against over 100 critical parameters to ensure that everything out of spec is reported back to you. We provide you with recommended actions to take.

3. On a module-by-module basis, we help you upgrade to the next version.

4. The import queue on DEV/QAS is periodically checked to prevent disasters in PRD.

5. If your HANA database is encrypted, we proactively back up the SSFS key.


  • We will scan your entire SAP system to mitigate future incidents and reduce TCO.  Some checks are performed  on a daily basis, while others can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • We check your current SAP environment and inform you of various expiration dates for SAP versions, kernels, database versions and operating systems.
  • Together with our technical and functional experts, we can advise you if upgrades are necessary and what effort is required.
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Per environment

1 day

During this interactive session, we go through our diverse offering and select the ones with the biggest benefits for your business.

Monitoring service setup

Install various monitoring overviews

Price depends on the number of services
Ranges from 1 to 3 days

During this phase, we activate the monitoring services that were agreed upon. Import queue checks occur every 6 months, while a supportability overview is typically performed on a yearly basis. 

Module(s) upgrade

Impact analysis

2 days
Per module

For each involved module, you will receive a detailed report

Contact our expert

Steven Nachtergaele

Steven has been active within delaware for 10 years in the SAP basis team and gathered experience in different landscapes and architectures, databases and operation systems. He is passionate about bringing/converting our customers to the bright future of SAP S/4HANA. Today Steven is team lead of the SAP and MS infrastructure team and lead of the SAP S/4HANA migration factory.

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