Low-code Organizational Governance

Low-code best practices applied to your organization’s needs

for whom?

Businesses looking for guidance in rapid low-code application development


  • Rapidly get started with a low-code platform
  • Explore the benefits and sweet spots of rapid application development through low-code
  • Discover how it can help your organization become more efficient and deliver apps with fast times to market


  • Kick start the digitalization process
  • Start with best practices immediately
  • Benefit from pragmatic workshops to embrace low code and enable digital transformation

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Value Proposition

Together, we pragmatically approach low code. After an intake to determine focus points, workshops are planned. The whole application lifecycle management is discussed to ensure we tackle the topics you are confronted with when you want to make a low-code platform available, going from how you want to work with user stories to how you want to deploy. Finally, we offer experience-based best practices to ensure a successful low-code platform.

Pricing Plan

Governance traject with workshops

On demand

After an alignment meeting to determine the scope and focus points, a number of workshops will be suggested, and a quote given.

Our expert

Matts Devriendt

Matts is a technology advisor in the field of (mobile) application development and an experienced PM/PO who started as a developer. He helps companies digitalize, transform and grow through low code, IoT & AI, using these technologies to create tangible, innovative solutions that generate value.

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