Value Leader

Gain fast AI-driven insights for marketing activation

For companies who want to become customer data driven.

Plug- and-play: template with relevant insights, actions and ROI
Generate immediate business value with a minimal amount of data
Generic and custom components: option to build extensions based on your needs

Value Proposition

Value Leader generates fast AI-driven insights based on your customer data. Through the 'think, plan, act' methodology, the platform transforms these insights into action points that give you the tools to become data driven. Because the platform is easily extendable with more advanced data analysis features, it grows along with your organization’s data maturity.


  • In-depth analysis of your customer base, based on metrics such as customer churn, lifetime value, etc.
  • Customer segmentations based on value and purchase behavior
  • Ability to download smart lists containing subsets of recommended customers to target with your next campaign
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One-off recommendations

An in-depth analysis of your current situation

€8000 (basic)
One-off analysis

Packaged data crunching and consulting services 

  • One-off analysis of your current customer data situation
  • In-depth review of your customer base 
  • Recommendations for future sales and marketing actions

Kick-start insights from customer data

Recurring use

Full access to your own Value Leader environment

€5000/year (basic)
Yearly subscription

Platform access 

  • Yearly subscription 
  • 24/7 access to your personal Value leader environment
  • Full control to analyse your customer data sets
  • Generate smart list for marketing and sales actions

Activate your data

Terms & conditions

  • Data is provided in a strcutured and clean format. Data cleaning is not included in the cost.
  • Excl azure subscription for the yearly subscription

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Laurence Vandelanotte

Laurence Vandelanotte is senior manager of the Digital Strategy and Marketing solution and has over 15 years of experience in various aspects of digital business. With her broad expertise on the client side and background as a consultant, she assists organizations in identifying business objectives and user needs to define pragmatic and high-performing digital solutions.

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