Seat reservation app

Back to the office in safety

Companies who want to open their offices to employees again but with reduced capacity to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Social distancing: ensure employees reserve seats in the office in compliance with social distancing rules and company safety policies
Contact tracing: know who was at each desk and when
Plan and manage who can come to the office

Value Proposition

Employee app

Reservation via web and mobile

After an employee selects an in-office date and an office, linked areas and occupancy rates are displayed. The employee then selects an area with free spaces and views the floorplan of that area.

Seamless integration with Office365

Created with Microsoft Power Apps, the app integrates with O365 and Active Directory. Only employees registered in AD are able to log in, with profile data fetched from O365. Master data is stored in SharePoint lists.

Admin app

Activate individuals or groups

Assign letters of the alphabet to specific dates and activate individuals and groups accordingly.

Follow-up on activations

Easily check who (individuals and groups) was activated when.


Overviews of seat reservations vs. capacity by office (bar graphs) and seat reservations for the next 2 weeks by office (linear graphs).

Define seats on floor plans Configure SharePoint master data by creating records for offices, areas, desks and seats. A seat is mapped to the floor plan using X and Y coordinates.

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  • Visual seat reservation on a groundplan
  • Can be customized – implement your own policy rules
  • Available on web and mobile
Find out how this could work for your business

Seat Reservation Basic


Seat Reservation App

V (basic)

Admin module


Register Customer visits


Register Personal Travel


Guidance call


Setup by delaware


Seat Reservation Advanced


Seat Reservation App

V (advanced)

Admin module


Register Customer visits


Register Personal Travel


Guidance call


Setup by delaware

Time & Material*

* Effort depends on the amount of preparation and setup you can do yourselves. (e.g. groundplans available, creation of sharepoint, content input, etc.)

Connected chairs

On demand

Monitor of the occupancy of seats and meeting rooms via sensors (IIOT).

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