FAST Industry 4.0

Your template and guide towards Industry 4.0 success

Looking for a Start button for Industry 4.0 for your business? Not sure which projects to prioritize, or how to connect them to your long-term strategy? Then this one's for you.

Receive collected insights & lessons learned from Industry 4.0 implementations in your industry
Gain a reliable decision framework to select, prioritize and connect to Industry 4.0 projects
Reduce the time, effort and knowledge needed for creating an Industry 4.0 roadmap

Value Proposition

There's no shortage of promising use cases for Industry 4.0 solutions. What's missing is a reliable decision framework that allows businesses to select, prioritize and connect these projects, then align them with the company's long-term strategy. FAST Industry 4.0 consolidates the insights and lessons-learned of numerous Industry 4.0 implementations into one concise package. As both a starting point and an accelerator, it allows you think more clearly about what Industry 4.0 can mean for your business, and what your next steps should be.
About 85% of the roadmap is standard, i.e. applicable to every organization. The remaining 15% will need some customization to meet the specific needs of the organization. delaware can assist in this customization.


The FAST Industry 4.0 framework consists of three main building blocks:

  1. What does a Factory 4.0 look like in your industry? Explore the trends, challenges, opportunities and risks involved with I4.0 and its sub-domains like manufacturing 4.0 and maintenance 4.0.
  2. Industry 4.0 roadmap: a step-by-step implementation plan, with concrete, prioritized actions that will help you achieve your vision.
  3. Industry 4.0 Architecture: all you need to succeed, including a reference (technical) architecture and best practices for the governance of your Industry 4.0 transformation

FAST Industry 4.0


Our Industry 4.0 insights and expertise are brought to you in the form of a comprehensive manual and three 3-hour presentations:

  1. Factory 4.0: our vision on Industry 4.0 in your industry
  2. Industry 4.0 roadmap for your industry
  3. Industry 4.0 architecture and governance for your industry

You can invite whomever you like: from the COO to team leads and production operators. In fact, you can use the opportunity to start building your Industry 4.0 coalition right here.

All presentations and documentation are included.

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Alexander Naessens

Bringing creative ideas to life is Alexander’s mission, and state-of-the-art technologies are his tools. His vast experience in digitizing and optimizing supply chain processes and sharp insights in operational excellence and Industry 4.0 make him a coveted expert and consultant for numerous industries.

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