SAP Vulnerability Management & Hardening

Reduce the complexity of SAP platform security

Our SAP security services are a business-critical asset and provide an in-depth view of your SAP system landscape security.

Move from reactive, manual and ad hoc to preventive, automated and continuous protection
Simplify analysis and mitigation activities with information pointers, dashboards and task lists
Prepare for annual audits through better insight into mitigation and risks

Value Proposition

Are you struggling with:

  • The complexity of SAP platform security?
  • Recurring manual SAP security processes?
  • Heavy annual audit projects?

Due to increasing cybersecurity threats and regulatory pressure, more security demands are placed on SAP systems. Our SAP platform security solution continuously reinforces business-critical SAP assets on a continuous basis, and automates many processes and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, task lists and reports. In addition, the solution enables continuous improvement of your SAP security through a repeated process of scanning, analysis and mitigation.


  • Automated scanning of 1700+ checks (application, OS and DB) according to predetermined intervals or schedules with automated generation of heatmaps, reports and system connection maps.
  • Automated implementation of SAP security notes and other security risks based on generated mitigation plans.
  • Affordable and user-friendly.
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On-demand assessment

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  • Complete scan of your SAP systems
  • Comprehensive scan and risk report
  • Proposed mitigation plan

SAP Managed Security Services

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  • Adding more value with an additional SAP security service
  • Monthly detect & respond reporting
  • Faster SAP security notes implementation
  • Dashboard insights

Contact our expert

Lode Van Durme

Lode has approximately 20 years of experience in IT, a straightforward mentality, and plenty of passion for IT. He is a creative problem solver with in-depth technical knowledge who has contributed to numerous projects of all sizes. Fluent in soft skills, he is also proficient in dealing with both colleagues and customers.

Lode is a SAP technical architect with experience in operational, implementation and migration projects in on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. As a trusted advisor, he currently focuses on SAP on Azure deployments. He assists customers in designing architectures that meet their requirements, and guides them in their SAP on Azure journeys.

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