SAP Automated Security Management

Reduce the complexity of SAP platform security with Protect4S

Protect4S provides a largely automated, user-friendly and low- cost cybersecurity solution to an otherwise complicated SAP security processes

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Move from reactive, manual and ad hoc to preventive, automated and continuous protection
Simplify analysis and mitigation activities with information pointers, dashboards and task lists
Prepare for annual audits through better insight into mitigation and risks

Why does your SAP Platform security deserve attention?

  • Increase in cybercrime
  • Increase in privacy regulation
  • Increase in web access
  • Increase of cloud-hosted scenarios
  • Increase in auditory pressure
  • Increase in security demands
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Overcome security challenges

  • The complexity of SAP platform security?
  • Recurring manual SAP security processes?
  • Heavy annual audit projects?

Protect4S reinforces business-critical SAP assets, automates typically manual processes, and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, task lists and reports.

Enables continuous improvement of your system security through the automated process of Scanning, Analysing and Mitigating your SAP System.

SAP security made simple

An automated process through and through

  • Holistic scans on 3 layers: Application, Operation System and database
  • Automated scanning of over 1900 checks according to predetermined intervals or schedules with automated generation of heatmaps, reports and system connection maps
  • Automated implementation of SAP security notes and other security risks based on generated mitigation plans
  • Low-cost and user-friendly solution
Automate SAP system security

On-demand assessment

per month
  • Complete scan of your SAP systems
  • Comprehensive scan and risk report
  • Proposed mitigation plan

SAP Managed Security Services

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  • Adding more value with an additional SAP security service
  • Monthly detect & respond reporting
  • Faster SAP security notes implementation
  • Dashboard insights

Contact our expert

Goutham Thella

Goutham is an SAP BASIS specialist with 15 years of experience managing projects, including security, sizing, implementation, and more. He has been through multiple critical production environments with strong technical, organisational skills and in-depth knowledge of many SAP products across different OS (Windows, Linux & aix) & DB (MS SQL, Oracle, MaxDB, Sybase and HANA).

He is highly knowledgeable on SAP security and Protect4S products to boost security and reduce the overall complexity of SAP platform security across its various landscapes.

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