Data-driven marketing

Unlock the full potential of your data, resources and budget in marketing.

for whom?

For organizations that struggle with their marketing execution, either in terms of resources and skills – or in terms of creating business impact and efficiency. 


10 digital marketing services, combined in 3 packages: Starter, Advanced & Pro. Available on a 'pay as you go' or a 'pay on performance' base. 

We also offer these services as an extension of the Customer-Base Valuation package for smarter marketing execution.


  • Peace of mind by outsourcing to a flexible and skilled marketing team
  • Marketing actions adapted to your audiences
  • Proven results in attracting new leads & customers
  • Proven results on marketing spend

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Value Proposition

Marketing execution services include a combination of digital marketing services, executed by certified practitioners:   

    • Data science and segmentation
    • Marketing personas and journeys
    • PPC and digital advertising
    • Digital marketing strategy
    • Search engine analysis
    • Search Engine Optimization programs
    • Facebook management
    • LinkedIn content management
    • Instagram management
    • Email and marketing automation
    • Analytics & visualization Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Pricing Plan

Starter pack


  • Digital marketing scan
  • SEO kickstarter pack
  • Newsletter pack
  • Facebook pack

Price 'pay as you go': € 3,500 per month

Price 'performance based': Base price € 3,000, target bonus based on KPIs

Advanced pack

Includes 'Starter pack' +

  • SEO management pack
  • E-mail campaign pack
  • LinkedIn content pack

Price 'pay as you go': € 5,800 per month

Price 'performance based': Base price € 5,000, target bonus based on KPIs

Pro pack

Includes 'Advanced pack' +

  • Instagram pack
  • Advertising pack
  • Conversion optimization pack

Price 'pay as you go': € 9,500 per month

Price 'performance based': Base price € 8,200, target bonus based on KPIs

Our expert

Laurence Vandelanotte

Laurence Vandelanotte is manager of the Digital Strategy and Marketing solution and has over 15 years of experience in various aspects of digital business. With her broad expertise on the client side and background as a consultant, she assists organizations in identifying business objectives and user needs to define pragmatic and high-performing digital solutions.

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