Business Readiness Scan

Do you have the LOOCKS?

For companies or organizations that want to allocate the effort and resources to those activities that generate the highest return on their project investment.

Impactful transformation projects with significant cost don't realize the expected benefits.
Project and change management budget often not spend on the most value added activities and actions are not adapted to the actual requirements during the project execution.
Transformation projects initiated with incorrect assumptions on the readiness of the organization to participate in these projects, the impact of these projects on the organization, unclear link between the project and the strategic objectives of the organization, overestimation of the data quality, incorrect view on the communication effort.

Value proposition

The business readiness scan is a survey that polls (a sample of) the people in the organization that are involved in an upcoming project and that have been involved in previous transformation projects on 6 key areas (LOOCKS): leadership, operational capability, organizational and change capability, communication, KPI's, strategy and vision.

This survey is done before the start of the project so the relevant actions can be taken to address the issues before the project is kicked off, thereby ensuring project success. The survey is repeated at critical times in the project to regularly align the actions with the requirements (and to assess the effectiveness of previously defined actions).


  • Offering an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly survey tool for answering the questions with a limited time investment of your people and with a concrete action plan.
  • Consisting of 36 questions, with a scoring from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)
    Divided into the 6 LOOCKS building blocks, based on our experience in handling transformation projects
  • Enabling you to identify the appropriate actions and quick wins, thanks to your personalized business readiness dashboard

Business Readiness Scan for SME


Included are: survey, personalized dashboard with results and action plan. Standard fee for medium size customers with maximum 50 respondents.

Business readiness scan for large enterprises


Included are: survey, personalized dashboard with results and action plan. For larger customers pricing needs to be tailored to the scope and complexity of the project. In that case please contact IP owner for tailored pricing.

Contact our expert

Johan Reunis

Johan has over 25 years of experience in various roles ranging from finance/controlling over process optimizations to more recently focus on project and change management. Constant factor in each of these roles is a close connection to the operational and business activities of the organizations where he has managed change and transformation projects. As a result of his deep belief that people are the most crucial factor for the success of any transformation project, he has focused on expanding his knowledge and experience in that domain. In his view the mission of the change management team is to create the optimal environment to support the people in the organization through the transformation. This is the only way to make an organization change ready for the current VUCA environment.

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