SAP Connector for Robovision

Leverage the power of computervision in your operations by integrating Robovision and SAP

For organizations that want to integrate SAP QM with their Robovision-solution to upgrade their quality control process and unlock significant productivity improvements in a cost-effective way.

Real-time traceability: start identifying product defects and anomalies earlier in your supply chain
High scalability: reduce the overall effort needed to configure qualitative high-quality QC models, by choosing for a system
Cost effectiveness: implement an automated QC system that requires far less maintenance

Value Proposition

SAP Connector for Robovision is a proprietary interface between SAP Quality Management and Robovision that is specifically designed to help introduce transparency and traceability to an existing supply chain.


SAP Connector to SAP QM module

SAP Interface

Enables you to integrate Robovision with SAP QM and therefore your entire supply chain.

The results of Robovision are registered in SAP as a results recording on inspection lots. This adds a new layer of traceability which is currently lacking and allowing you to scale-up as you grow.

Interface Configurator

A helpful configurator to help you configure the solution specifically to your supply chain. Configure different integration parameters in one single place (filtering & aggregation of inspection results if needed).

Cloud Analytics*

Train ML algorithms with insights from Robovision and perform in-depth analyses (e.g. scrap analysis, preventative maintenance analysis, …).

*Can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or bundled with the SAP Connector

SAP Connector

Excl. product licenses.

Fixed Price
​Excl. product licenses.​

Start requirements

A running Robovision instance should be available

Analytics Extension

Excl. product licenses.

Quote on request
Excl. product licenses.

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