AiVidens Solution Integration for SAP

In need of a secured and automated integration with AiVidens? We can help!

For customers who are in need of a secured and automated data integration with the SAP certified AiVidens, an intelligent collection management SaaS solution.

Automated and secured integration of AiVidens with SAP S/4HANA or ECC
Monitoring typical AR and customer data transfer from SAP to AiVidens in SAP PO or CPI

Value Proposition

AiVidens is a financial SaaS that applies Artificial Intelligence to your business data to predict, segment, and fix your customer payment issues. It identifies your customer's payment behaviour and risks for a given debt portfolio. You can use these predictions in AiVidens' simulation tools to determine the collection strategy and cash forecasting. Companies will be able to align strategic decisions and recovery actions with the actual default risk. The user will also benefit from a refined customer relationship management tool through a set of business dashboards included in Aividens.

delaware provides a standard integration package for a smooth connection between SAP and AiVidens. That way, organizations can transfer relevant accounts receivable data from SAP to AiVidens over a fully automated and secured integration. The data includes customer open-item financial data enriched with typical customer master data.


  • Automated transfer of accounts receivable data to AiVidens
  • Integration using standard SAP

AiVidens Solution Integration for SAP

Set up fee starts from €10.000

This includes:

  1. Integration from the SAP ERP system to AiVidens.
  2. Conversion standard tables to a CSV file in SAP PO or CPI.


  1. SAP PO or CPI data platform availability. In the case of another data platform, please contact us for a tailored proposal.
  2. The pricing only relates to SAP ECC, S/4H On-Premise, and S/4H Private Cloud. For S/4H Public Cloud, contact us for a custom integration.

It does not include an AiVidens subscription nor data sent back from AiVidens.

Contact our expert

Cedric Manhaeve

Cedric is a senior SAP FICO consultant who is closely involved in system integration tracks. Next to that, he fosters the partnership between delaware and AiVidens.

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