Disaster Recovery as a Service by ASR

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” - Winston Churchill

Every organization should adopt a disaster recovery strategy and plan that keeps data safe and workloads online. Calamities are not capable of selective action.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
We run the DR process so you can benefit from it
delaware-managed and non-disruptive DRP testing
Recovery in minutes, reducing data loss to (almost) zero

Value Proposition

DRaaS is a service offered by delaware that manages your disaster recovery process through integration with Microsoft's Azure cloud-embedded ASR framework. It allows you to take care of your core business while delaware assures that your mission-critical business applications can be recovered within expectations, before irreversible damage is done. Every digital-age business relies on IT services for core business processes, so although continuity is important, it is often underestimated.

The service itself and its underlying technology is highly scalable and is a match for any business' expectation or size. Flexibility is not only to be found in the ability to protect workloads running in any data center, on-premise or in the Azure cloud, but also in unmatched cost efficiency


  • Predictive and efficient cost model
  • Flexible architecture: intra-cloud or hybrid; failover and failback
  • Suitable for enterprises of any size
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Disaster Recovery Assessment

Prepare the DR landscape design for ASR

One-time cost

Two on-site workshops to collect business requirements and perform a business impact analysis.

Classification of your IT landscape and design of a recommended DR solution, including budget estimation in sleep mode and running mode.

Identify ASR non-supported workload and prepare a workload-specific DR approach.

A business applications and IT inventory must be available at the start of the assessment.

A DR architecture blueprint will be delivered.

Disaster Recovery Service Build

Onboard the design, integrate it into ASR

€5000 - €10.000
One-time cost

Integrate the IT landscape into Microsoft Azure ASR, create the electronic runbook and validate the onboarding through non-disruptive testing.

Agent installation is required on the onboarded servers. Customer assistance and involvement is needed.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

We manage, you benefit

3-year subscription

Quarterly DR alignment workshop (2 hours max, detecting changes in IT environment, need for agent patching, planning for DR test and customer validation).

Yearly update of any installed agent for disaster recovery in cooperation with the customer.

Yearly disaster recovery non-disruptive test execution.

DR runbook adjustments, if needed, based on the DR test output.
Validate DR execution for at least the updated DR runbook.

Final DR test output discussion, including recovery time evolution over time.

Discuss possible improvements, if any, to keep the DR process running optimally to assure DR criteria.
Configuration changes reflecting business changes are handled.

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Pascal Haspeel

Pascal has over 20 year of experience in Information Technology, designing and managing IT environments. He joined delaware in 2009, and has been a chief architect ever since. As a trusted advisor, he helps customers in creating strategic roadmaps to build secure and manageable IT platforms in On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid environments. Security has always been a core principle for Pascal as he recognizes that this directly impacts the reputation of organizations and enables business opportunities. Preventing intellectual property disclosures, unauthorized accesses and data losses are one off the many corner stone’s Pascal focuses on while consulting customers.

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