delaware FAST-Agribusiness

Automated financial planning and consistent decision-making for agribusiness

This solution is for the agribusiness industry

Integrated solution on a single platform
Macro and detailed views of the entire agribusiness financial planning process
Immediate gains in business processes

Value Proposition

We provide a macro flow of all financial modules. [Contracts] The planning process for land-lease contracts will consist of monitoring existing, new, and planned contracts, with information about factors such as tonnage, mill mileage, and dates. The planning process for agricultural costs will take into account the inclusion of premises, HR, automotive maintenance, fuels and lubricants, seedlings, inputs, equipment rentals, and other expenses. Our model will be used to calculate all agricultural costs.


  • Planning functions
  • Geo Maps

delaware FAST-Agribusiness

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Rafael Fassoli

Over the last 20 years, I have worked in information systems, implementing projects in large enterprises and multinational companies in almost all business segments, with SAP Data & Analytics tools.

I worked as the Head of Data & Analytics and Architecture with SAP Technologies for 6 years.

I now assist clients in their cloud innovation journey through Business Plans, Data Architecture, Integrations, and Development integrated with SAP.

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