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Implementing best practices on a Connectivity HUB in Microsoft Azure for SAP

For all companies that are considering making improvements to their communication and security stance in their SAP environments

Standardizes communication between SAP and the Internet
Align the stakeholders involved with price-quality ratio, guaranteeing security and manageability
Control any communication flow between SAP in Azure and on-premises

Value Proposition

The efficient communication flow design in Microsoft Azure improves the management of critical systems. In addition, since SAP is a fundamental element for business, it is important to identify and implement points where improvements can be made in the current organizational environments in order to guarantee a high-security stance.

But, how can delaware support your organization in this process?

Connecting SAP RISE through Connectivity HUB

  • Enforce communication within the same region or between other regions by routing through the Azure firewall.
  • Efficiently control traffic within on-premises facilities, for example in Microsoft Azure

As an SAP technology partner with a wide background of executed projects, delaware has been part of implementations where has supported its clients to solve and improve communication problems towards SAP


  • Standardize communication between SAP and the Internet vs the current customer landscape
  • Discuss and align the stakeholders involved in the solution with price-quality ratio, guaranteeing security and manageability throughout the cycle
  • Control all communication flows between SAP in Azure and on-premises environments by routing everything through the firewall

Secure Networking

2-day workshop


Day 1: Getting to know the landscape

  • Get knowledge on the current customer landscape
  • How can you secure access SAP RISE
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Discuss PaaS vs NVA
  • Extra Services in the Connectivity HUB

Day 2: In-depth sessions for analysis, preparation and report

  • Preparation of the technical information collected and presented as a report covering each of the topics of both workshops.

Secure Networking

1 day deploy roll out + template


Day 1: deploy roll out + templates:

  • Deploy connectivity hub
  • Create VNet peering to SAP RISE

MSP portal services:

  • Deploy extra VPN Tunnels
  • Add extra NSG rules

Contact our expert

Steven Nachtergaele

Steven has been active within delaware for 10 years in the SAP basis team and gathered experience in different landscapes and architectures, databases and operation systems. He is passionate about bringing/converting our customers to the bright future of SAP S/4HANA. Today Steven is team lead of the SAP and MS infrastructure team and lead of the SAP S/4HANA migration factory.

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