Digital Personnel File

Get more out of SuccessFactors with the integration of an Office 365-based personnel file

For organizations running SuccessFactors that struggle with non-integrated digital or paper-based personnel files.

Increased HR efficiency
Avoid mistakes through one-off filing initiated by the employee
Ensure filing quality by enforcing a standard personnel file structure
Ensure GDPR compliance through automated lifecycle management and dynamic access management

Value Proposition

The Digital Personnel File provides a SharePoint Online-based employee file that is integrated with SuccessFactors. It manages all employee-related communication and documents, uploaded or generated via SuccessFactors or resulting from a scanning process.


  • Automated creation of a single digital personnel file, triggered from SuccessFactors, managing all employee-related communication and documents in a standardized structure
  • Automated and dynamic access management to the relevant parts of the personnel file for the employee, his/her manager and the HR department
  • Automated transfer of SuccessFactors-uploaded documents to the personnel file
  • Automated classification of SuccessFactors-generated documents in the personnel file, via barcode recognition
  • A centralized HR-managed drop-off folder for non-identified scanned documents and automated transfer to the personnel file after HR-tagging
  • Automated lifecycle management supporting personnel file retention and destruction
  • Search for and discovery of personnel files and document
  • Access to the personnel file from SuccessFactors

Digital Personnel File

€20K setup cost

€5/active user/year

€2,50/functional usage/year

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Serge Desaranno

Serge is passionate about helping companies become more efficient, productive and competitive. He has been active in the domain of information and process management since 1994, first as a research assistant and later as a consultant, delivery and presales manager and director. Today he guides companies in redesigning business processes with the use of technologies, particularly Office 365.

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