delaware MES 4.0

Improve your productivity by using a consistent data model from your central ERP

MES 4.0 is a solution for collecting production data and synchronizing it with ECC or S/4HANA, allowing for easy production order activation and reporting. The solution offers business continuity and increased efficiency through seamless integration and easy correction apps.

Speed-up of production execution and synchronization process
Higher OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) due to accurate digital order information, integrated quality management and online transparency of machine performance
Avoiding system breaks between the S/4 Hana and MES layer

Value Proposition

MES 4.0 is a holistic shop floor data collection solution. MES 4.0 is a solution which synchronizes tailored production data from ECC or S/4HANA with the shop floor and enables operators to activate and report on production orders e.g. make ready and production time, yield, scrap with reason codes for downtime.

MES 4.0 production orders and captured confirmation data are buffered locally to enable business continuity if the central ECC or S/4HANA system is not accessible due to planned or unplanned disruptions or maintenance.

Web-based user interaction is provided via modular and user-friendly screens. The solution covers the execution of manufacturing processes, incl. time and quantity confirmation. Via additional Apps, integrated batch and handling unit-based material flow (WM, EWM) for goods issue and goods receipt movements, quality management, defect capturing with HU-based End to End traceability along with the creation of nested handling units in the packing process.

Increased visibility and efficiency through high transparency and seamless integration into SAP Standard by utilizing standard interfaces for integration along the process chain.

Easy-to-use correction apps to modify and correct captured time and quantity confirmation

Scalable, robust applications due to modular app design and versatile usage through the flexibility of browser-based apps.

Support diverse machine integration scenarios enabling multiple use cases for integrating 3rd party hardware and applications. This lays the foundation to build Industry 4.0 scenarios like machine learning for predictions in Quality management or maintenance.

Fast and accurate shop-floor and management reporting from the central S/4 system as the single point of truth or from the MES layer to visualize machine signals, counter and states at right-time.


  • Holistic shop floor data collection solution
  • Reduced IT effort due to built in, consistent and bidirectional synchronization between ECC / S/4 Hana and the MES layer
  • User friendly and modular web-based MES solution
  • Encreased efficiency due to latest order data in digital way
  • High transparency and traceability
  • High automation due to support of diverse machine integration scenarios
  • Foundation to enable benefits out of Industry 4.0 scenarios
  • Improved and and more reliable decision taking based on up to date and accurate shop-floor and management reporting
  • Increased data quality due to simplified production confirmation process

delaware MES 4.0

Set up fee starts from €66.000
One-off €40.000

What is included?

Basis package incl. in License Fee:

LP.MES Time Confirmation (APP2) + Data Validation (APP5)

Prerequisites for implementing LP.MES by delaware
All pre-requites related to the technical environment that need to be available before deploying. In case some of the pre-requisites are not met, delaware can support the customer to implement them. The related services are executed in T&M.

All services related to deploy according solution to 1 test and 1 production environment. The related services are incl. in setup-fee.

Use case implementation
Intake workshop(s), blueprinting, configuration according solution on 1 test and 1 production environment, testing and project management, for one use case. The related services are executed in T&M.

Services and material related to how to use the solution. The related services are incl. in setup-fee.

22% per year

Not included

Optional APP´s per plant:

LP.MES In-feeder components (APP1) + Goods Receipt (APP3) 20.000 EUR

LP.MES Quality Inspection (APP6) + Visual traceability (APP7) 20.000 EUR

LP.MES Machine integration 30.000 EUR

Custom configuration, development or automation in order to support processing beyond the scope.

Support for setting up additional use cases or setting up additional environments.

Costs related to customer change management or internal customer communication.

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