24Flow: Future-Proof Operations Platform

Get visibillity on your production and maximize your productivity

Companies who lack visibility on their production and want to maximize their productivity.

Get visibility of your production and work orders in real-time and maximize your productivity
Future-proof & flexible low code platform to quickly react to changes
Connect your current tools and machines and create a single point of view

Value Proposition

24Flow makes your shop floor future-proof.

With our operations and shop floor platform you get visibility on your production to deliver and service high quality on time. The low code platform gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes. By connecting all your current tools and machines we create a single point of view that saves you time and maximizes your labor productivity.


  • Get visibility on your production and operations in real-time. Plan production orders and see the impact. Assure quality with checklists & digital work instructions. Easily build reports and dashboards.
  • Connect your current tools and machines and create a single point of view with 24Flow.
  • Future proof, flexible and hyper secure thanks to the powerful low code platform of Salesforce.
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Future-Proof Operations Platform

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Benedict Messiaen

Benedict is the product manager of 24Flow. He is passionate about technology, improving business processes and attaches great value to thinking along with the client in order to arrive at the best possible solution together.

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