IT Capabilities Assessments

Assess, benchmark and optimize IT capabilities to create more value for the company

For companies facing challenges in IT to keep up with the pace of digital transformation.

Insight into and benchmark of your IT capability maturity, throughout the whole organization
Clear vision on the value of IT in your company
Pragmatic roadmap to effectively improve your IT and enable digital transformation

Value Proposition

Internationally renowned approach to assess and benchmark existing IT capabilities throughout the whole organization (inside-out), define current and desired maturity and co-create a concrete roadmap to effectively improve the value of IT.

delaware uses the capability framework developed by Maynooth University and the Innovation Value Institute. This way we can guarantee a neutral, holistic and lasting view.

Customer can choose: broad overall or deep specific. 


Proven and global framework to create world-class IT capabilities in line with corporate strategy.

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Packaged consulting services:

  • A webbased survey
  • 6 stakeholder interviews
  • 1 presentation to the board (or steerco)
  • Extensive and well documented report on and benchmark of IT capabilities
  • Improvement plan

Excl. SW licenses

Packaged consulting services:

  • Basic Package: limited to 20 mandays

Right to use IP

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Ludo Van den Kerckhove

Ludo focuses on (IT) strategy and transformation. He enjoys working at the exciting intersection of business strategy, human relations and technology. He strongly believes that the right combination of experience, change and performance management and genuine human interest boosts the hidden potential of companies and enables the CIO/CxO and his team to grow the business in a sustainable way. He is an experienced general manager, pragmatic trusted advisor and certified personal coach. He has more than 30 years of experience in very diverse management functions, of which more than 10 in specific transformation management for fast changing environments.

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