Dynamics 365 Marketing

Ochestrate your marketing initiatives and break down the silo's between Sales & Marketing!

Dynamics 365 Marketing is for organizations that want to break down their silo's and leverage their sales and other data to segment and target their audience in a personalized and automated way.

Fully integrated in the Dynamics 365 stack
Generate and score leads to allow sales to only work on the valuable ones
Leverages (historical) sales & service data to segment and target your audience

Value Proposition

Dynamics 365 Marketing is part of the Dynamics 365 stack. The solution fully integrates within the Dynamics 365 platform and seamlessly plugs into the Microsoft ecosystem. It allows you to segment and target your  contacts in a personalized and automated way to generate new leads and score them before they are sent to the sales department. 

Our package focuses on installing the out-of-the-box functionalities of segmentation, e-mail marketing, customer journeys, marketing forms, landing pages, surveys using Dynamics Customer Voice and/or event management. 

We provide adoption and training in the use of these out-of-the-box capabilities.


  • Align sales and marketing: by breaking down the silo between sales and marketing, create a seamless experience using shared data, personalized communciation and automated customer journeys.
  • Make AI-driven decisions: improve your automation using AI-driven decisions such as lead scoring, smart scheduling and SPAM scoring, or leverage your segments by integrating with Customer Insights.
  • Personalize buyer experiences to increase demand: easily orchestrate customer journeys and create campaign asset with intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop designs in styled templates
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Dynamics 365 Marketing Core

Core functionalities of Dynamics 365 Marketing

€ 8.699

Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation including: installation of the out-of-the-box capabilities of segmentation, e-mail marketing, surveys & customer journeys, 2 days of training, 1 day of guidance with content creation

Add-on: Extended Functionalities

Addition to the Core package

€ 4.299

Addition to the Core package, including: website integration, landing pages and marketing forms

Add-on: Event Management

Addition to the Core package

€ 4.299

Addition to the Core package including the out-of-the-box Event Management module

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Wannes Dhelft

Wannes joined delaware in 2018 as a Dynamics 365 customer engagement consultant with a strong focus on both sales and marketing. Since Dynamics 365 Marketing was launched, Wannes has been heavily involved in following up on new and updated features to determine what capabilities are most relevant for your company.

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