Managed mobile devices

Improve user experience by providing staff with secured and well-managed mobile devices

Companies looking to improve user efficiency by offering the right information at the right time via the most suitable device.

User productivity: enable employees to use the most suitable device at the right time to access business applications and information.
Control: centrally manage mobile devices and access to applications and data.
Security: enforce security policies, audit application usage, avoid shadow IT and regain ownership of company data.

Value Proposition

A governance model and tools are set up in order to enroll mobile devices, enforce the right security policies and publish custom-built or marketplace applications to the target audience. This solution results in an overview of mobile devices, accessed applications and data. Lifecycle management of devices and applications is enabled, while users access applications and data in a secured way.

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We offer a process and tool to enroll mobile devices, enforce security policies and publish applications to these devices. 

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Workshop + Baseline setup MS Intune


Packaged consulting services

  • MDM governance workshop
  • MDM Baseline configuration for mobile devices
  • Publish market place applications
  • Testing configuration

Limited to 5 man days

Start requirements

Test devices of each OS available

 Not included in package pricing

  • Custom-built applications
  • Software-licenses
  • PC management/enrollment

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Lorenzo Dieryckx

Lorenzo is a seasoned software developer with nearly 20 years of experience. He combines his deep technical knowledge with the ability to convey that information to both technical and non-technical people. He is is also able to think functionally and from an end-user's perspective. His true specialty, however, lies with custom integrations. He integrates all systems big and small, going from simple data integrations, to integrating large-scale identity management solutions.

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