Identity Management Solution

Improve and secure your UX by providing the newest Microsoft 365 security functionalities

Companies that want to keep up to date on the newest Azure AD functionalities.

Better end-user experience
Reduces IT overhead
Secure cloud environment

Value Proposition

This solution delivers a secure identity platform for all your users. The Microsoft solution offers better user experience and a secure workplace environment. Security is not only limited to Microsoft products, but can also safeguard the identity platforms of other applications, like SAP Cloud. The solution improves the user experience for your B2B users, where those are managed and secured by a central system.


Management and security of your user identities.

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Secure Identity Management


Packaged consulting services

  • Block legacy authentication
  • Self-service password reset
  • AAD password protection
  • Conditional access
  • Azure AD identity protection
  • Windows Hello for Business
  • Privileged identity management
  • Azure AD B2B setup

Start requirements

A Microsoft 365 environment is already in place

Azure AD is already populated with objects

Our references

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Lorenzo Dieryckx

Lorenzo is a seasoned software developer with nearly 20 years of experience. He combines his deep technical knowledge with the ability to convey that information to both technical and non-technical people. He is is also able to think functionally and from an end-user's perspective. His true specialty, however, lies with custom integrations. He integrates all systems big and small, going from simple data integrations, to integrating large-scale identity management solutions.

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