DevSecOps: shift security left

Embed security into the development process

for whom?

  • Organizations developing custom .NET applications using Azure DevOps
  • Organizations using MS Azure and are looking to implement automated security testing


  • Embed security into the development cycle in order to improve application security
  • Implement automated security tests to check MS Azure configuration settings


  • Improved security verification against custom security baselines
  • Automated security testing is embedded into developer workflows for CI/CD
  • Security reporting

Security managed services can be discussed after this track.

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Value Proposition

Automated security tests are embedded into the development process to make sure that security is taken seriously from the start. A collection of scripts, tools, extensions and automations are implemented that help devops teams smoothly integrate security into their workflows.

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Pricing Plan

Get started with Azure


Packaged consulting services

Assessment of devops workflows in place

Design of security tests within workflows



Start requirements

MS Azure & .NET development

Our expert

Tom Vandewinckele

During his first two years at delaware, Tom gained experience with IT infrastructure models, architectures and implementations. His primary activities involved performing IT studies, working on Azure projects and assisting with presales work. Thanks to these activities, Tom has thorough knowledge of Microsoft Azure services. Since then, Tom’s focus shifted towards Azure PaaS and DevOps, as he assisted development teams in building modern applications.

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