From Sitecore to WeChat

Maximize your marketing impact on WeChat and develop innovative solutions with Sitecore.

For organizations that struggle with their WeChat marketing and would like to use Sitecore to increase efficiency and create business impact for better overall user experience. 

Gain a clear understanding of your WeChat audience and key interaction moments
Align content and analytics data from Sitecore and WeChat
Better ROI on marketing and sales spending

Value Proposition

Our Sitecore to WeChat package will provide you a preliminary analysis of your current WeChat status. From there, we will gain a better understanding of the pain points that your organization is facing. Using our expertise, we can customize integrations based on different requirements and needs, such as user authorization, content display, approval process, marketing campaigns, etc. The ultimate objective of our service is to help you to provide the best user experience to your customer.


  • Understand the current digital situation of your WeChat .
  • Connect WeChat to Sitecore for content and central data management.
  • Leverage the marketing capability of Sitecore for WeChat activities.

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Starter package


WeChat preliminary analysis

Select a total of 5 competitors

  • Brand analysis
  • WeChat performance analysis 
  • Content analysis 
  • Marketing strategy analysis 
  • Professional recommendation 

Advanced package

Price on demand

Consulting services + development

Starter package

  • Digital marketing consulting service 
  • Sitecore assessment
  • Prioritize software development
  • Integration between Sitecore and WeChat

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Jimmy Wong

Jimmy has more than 6 years of experience in both digital marketing and e-commerce strategy. Together with his background in both Western and Chinese digital marketing, his mission is to assist organizations and brands in understanding business objectives and user needs for different markets and transforming them into unique digital solutions.

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