BI & Data Innovation Roadmap

A pragmatic approach to define the priorities in making your business more data-driven

for whom?

For organizations that need to upgrade their BI landscape and consider data as an asset in future business models. 


  • IT-led, business oriented opportunity mapping
  • Visioning about future state data landscape
  • Drafting quick win project charters


  • Tangible results for business people
  • Accelerated digital transformation
  • Fail fast, zero lock in

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Value Proposition

The exercise starts with an assessment of the current use of data by business users. This assessment forms the starting point for the elaboration of Data & Analytics roadmap. This roadmap produces not only an overview of the mid-term priorities, but it also defines the short-term actions to take in a very concrete list of projects. Each of these projects is defined by means of a project charter (scope, timing and cost).

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Pricing Plan


(Revenue < € 1 billion)

€ 15 000/year

Packaged consulting services

8 interviews

Future data architecture

4 project charters/year

€ 2 500 per extra project charter

3 year contract

Corporate Package

(Revenue > € 1 billion)

€ 30 000/year


Packaged consulting services

15 interviews

Future data architecture

4 project charters/year

€ 2 500 per extra project charter

3 year contract

Excl. SW licenses

Packaged consulting services:

  • SME Package: limited to 10 mandays/year
  • Corporate Package: limited to 20 mandays/year

Right to use IP

Early termination fee: 1 year

Our expert

Edel Boone

Edel Boone is the lead of the Data Management team. Started once as a traditional enterprise BI consultant, Edel has gained more than 10 years of experience in the domains of Analytics, (Master) Data Architecture and more generally Data Management. With a strong business focus, coming from his background in economics, Edel now uses this expertise as a trusted advisor for organizations that struggle with the organization and use of data. For him, the ultimate goal is to assist organizations in finding an answer to the following question: In a digitalized world, how should we organize our data and ourselves to become more data-driven and to reinforce innovation by getting the maximum out of our data?

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