Your business app in 5 days

Translate a business case to an MVP in 1 week through low-code platforms

for whom?

  • Business or IT leaders that want hands-on experience with the platform and to explore the possibilities
  • PMs, POs or architects that want to verify if the low-code platform is the right technology for a case
  • Organizations that want to test out an idea


  • Gain hands-on experience with a low-code platform
  • Build a business case
  • Explore how low code can change your organization


  • Co-create an MVP in 5 days
  • Being convinced by results
  • Rapid time to value

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Value Proposition

On the first day, we frame the platform, give more context and determine which features will be built to cover the business case. We co-create mockups and determine success factors. The next three days are all about development. We close the week with a demo of the MVP and process feedback to maximize the app’s usefulness. We then look back and check the success factors. We finish by determining the next steps.

Pricing Plan

Business app in 5 days


Our expert

Matts Devriendt

Matts is a technology advisor in the field of (mobile) application development and an experienced PM/PO who started as a developer. He helps companies digitalize, transform and grow through low code, IoT & AI, using these technologies to create tangible, innovative solutions that generate value.

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