Customer Dashboard - My Tickets

How are we handling your incidents and other requests? You deserve to know.

When delaware handles your tickets, be it in a functional area, infrastructural domain or in any technical environment, we provide you with up-to-date and all-inclusive status information.

Get an actual overview of all incidents, service requests, problems and changes we are working on
Easily spot tickets or slow movers that need attention
Inform us if you want to escalate and/or change existing priorities, right from the dashboard

Value Proposition

delaware communicates with our customers openly, directly and transparently. With our Customer Dashboard, you get an immediate inside overview of what we are doing for you at this very moment. A number of tiles are provided:

  • Open Tickets: what we are working on, current status and hours worked. We clearly indicate where input from you is expected.  Simply click on the ticket to enter your feedback.
  • Created vs. Resolved: gives an overview of the ongoing workload over a given period.
  • SLA Overview: see by domain how actuals compare to set SLA levels.
  • Configuration Items: reveals all ongoing activity for all CIs in the CMDB.
  • Assessment: clearly shows how happy you are with quality and time spend on our work.


  • The information shown here is  exactly the same as what our consultants use.  Monthly service delivery reports are based on this data as well. The truth - and nothing but the truth, guaranteed.
  • Immediately provide us with feedback on any ticket that needs attention. Click on the ticket and let us know your wishes.
  • Our service delivery managers use the exact same information to discuss the delaware experience with you. Easily prepare for  monthly service meetings.
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Single user license

For all delaware customers

(There's no reason not to go for it!)
  • Open tickets, status, priority and who is working on it. Collaborate directly with the consultant.
  • Moving average throughput time for tickets.
  • Created versus resolved tickets over the past several months. 
  • SLA overview by domain for any given period.
  • View instant assessment information on quality and time spent on our resolution.

Additional user licenser

€75 per user/per year
(Volume discounts are an option)
  • Open tickets, status, priority and who is working on it. Collaborate directly with the consultant.
  • Moving average throughput time for tickets.
  • Created versus resolved tickets over the past several months. 
  • SLA overview by domain for any given period.
  • View instant assessment information on quality and time spent on our resolution.

Valid MS registration is needed. We'll guide you through every step.

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Eline Floryn

Eline is a fresh addition to delaware. With a background in process and business development, she's ideally suited to scoping out new ideas within delaware. Currently, she's responsible for the customer experience of our ticketing tool, Omnitracker, and handles project management for other initiatives. Try challenging her with "Is that possible?" and she'll get back to you when it's done!

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