The Self-driven Back Office - RPA

For organizations that want to reduce human intervention in their backoffice processes

Self-driving cars are already today’s reality. But what if your administrative processes would also run with little human intervention thanks to Robotic Process Automation?

Operational Excellence: efficiency gains + standardized processes
Effortless Experience: increased customer / employee experience
Risk Management: increased accuracy & compliance

Value Proposition

Self-driven back office is our methodology used to detect administrative back office processes to be automated through process automation, artificial intelligence and / or bots. Unlike other traditional IT solutions, RPA enables organizations to automate (sub)processes at a fraction of the previously incurred costs and time. With RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer operating costs, but a by-product of automation.
Our holistic approach involves the organization of several sub-areas including 

  • Setting up an RPA Competence Center
  • Agile implementations / proof of concepts
  • Training 
  • RPA support processes.


  • Our holistic vision and approach on RPA with the self-driven back-office, ideation sessions, business assessments, project approach and support processes
  • Our best practices with the delaware REFramework, process templates, monitoring accelerators, training programs,…
  • Our in-depth - complementary - knowledge SAP and Microsoft ecosystems
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Jos Gilissen

Jos is a seasoned manager in finance and performance management with a solid background in overall management. Jos guides customers through the finance digital transformation roadmap. In this context Jos recently focused on Robotic Process Automation combined with other more advanced technologies.

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