The Self-driven Back Office - RPA

For organizations that want to be well-equipped to drive digital transformation

By establishing an Automation CoE (Center of Excellence), your organization will be well-equipped to drive digital transformation, achieve operational excellence, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Operational Excellence: establishing RPA standards, best practices, and processes
Risk Management: developing an enterprise-wide RPA strategy
Risk Management: providing centralized RPA governance

Value Proposition

The Automation CoE will serve as a centralized hub for automation expertise, best practices, and governance, enabling your organization to optimize processes, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve strategic goals.

With the right strategy, resources, and governance, the Automation CoE will become a vital asset in our journey towards a more automated and efficient future.

  • Designing and setting up the Center of Excellence
  • Automation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Automation Tool Evaluation and Selection
  • Process Identification and Assessment
  • Automation Development and Deployment
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Training and Upskilling
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Scalability and Robustness


  • Automation Strategy and Roadmap:
    • Development of an automation strategy aligned with business objectives
    • Creation of a roadmap for implementing automation initiatives
  • Automation Tool Evaluation and Selection:
    • Assessment of various automation tools and technologies
    • Identification of the most suitable tools for specific automation use cases
    • Integration of selected tools with existing IT infrastructure
  • Process Identification and Assessment:
    • Collaborative process mapping and documentation tools
    • Identification of automation opportunities through process analysis
    • Prioritization and assessment of processes for automation
  • Automation Development and Deployment:
    • Configuration and customization of automation platforms
    • Development of automation workflows and scripts
    • Testing and debugging of automation processes before deployment
  • Governance and Compliance:
    • Establishment of governance frameworks for automation initiatives
    • Compliance with relevant regulations and data privacy standards
    • Monitoring and auditing of automation processes for accuracy and reliability
  • Training and Upskilling:
    • Training programs to educate employees on automation concepts and technologies
    • Skill development workshops for automation developers and process owners
    • Continuous learning opportunities to stay updated with automation advancements
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:
    • Creation of a centralized repository for automation best practices and resources
    • Collaboration platforms to facilitate knowledge sharing among automation teams
    • Regular meetings and workshops to foster cross-functional collaboration
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization:
    • Monitoring of automated processes and performance metrics
    • Analysis of data and insights to identify areas for optimization and efficiency
    • Continuous improvement initiatives to enhance automation outcomes
  • Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement:
    • Change management strategies to address organizational impact of automation
    • Communication plans to engage stakeholders and manage expectations
  • Scalability and Robustness:
    • Ensuring the scalability and stability of automation infrastructure
    • Proactive identification and resolution of bottlenecks in automation processes
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