The Self-driven Back Office

Reduce human intervention in your back-office processes by automating them.

For organizations that want to reduce human intervention in their Backoffice processes.

Reduce human intervention in back-office processes.
Automation and speedier processing of back-office processes.
Reduced error rate in back-office processes.

Value Proposition

delaware’s Self-driven Back Office is a proven methodology used to detect back-office processes that can be automated via robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and bots. The result is a prioritized roadmap of improvement projects resulting in direct ROI. The purpose of the methodology is to reduce human intervention in your back-office processes by making your back-office “self-driving”.


A proven methodology and solution to automate back-office processes.

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Jos Gilissen

Jos is a seasoned manager in finance and performance management with a solid background in overall management, via his former roles as Finance & IT Director, European Audit Manager and Finance Controller. In his current role, Jos guides customers through the finance digital transformation roadmap, helping the CFO office step out of their islands and become strategic business partners that add true value to their business in today’s increasingly digital era. In this context Jos recently focused on Robotic Process Automation combined with Machine Learning solutions.

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