Data Culture Assessment Survey

Unleash the Power of Data. Nurture a Culture of Insights.

A systematic evaluation of an organization's personnel to effectively find, access, utilize, and make informed decisions based on data.

The survey aims to establish an initial understanding of a company's overall level of data culture.

Understand where your data culture maturity is at
Cost optimization
Data-driven optimization
Improved decision-making

Value Proposition

This survey is designed to evaluate the level of data culture maturity within your organization. By understanding the current state of data culture, we can identify areas of improvement and develop a roadmap to enhance the data-driven decisions making capabilities in your organization.

Our survey provides actionable insights that we can map to a menu of tangible solutions to improve data within your organization and unlock the full potential of your data assets.


  • Survey (Microsoft forms)
  • Power BI report to analyze results

Data Culture Assessment Survey


Contact our expert

Charlotte Bayart

Charlotte Bayart is an experienced senior consultant specializing in the data & AI domain. With a solid foundation in economics, she brings a strong business-oriented perspective to her work. Charlotte leverages her expertise to assist clients in fostering a data culture within their organizations. Her primary objective is to guide and advise businesses in creating an inclusive environment where data is accessible to all employees, promoting data awareness, cultivating a data-driven mindset, and enhancing data literacy across the organization.

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