MDM (Master Data Management) Excel Add-in

The MDM Excel Add-in allows users to enrich their data in an easy, user friendly manner

The Add-in uses the features of Excel to let you store modifications in any relational database.

Manage data without technical knowledge in a user friendly way
Easily modify (master) data and integrate it with reporting and BI solutions
Works out of the box, with no extra metadata database required

Value Proposition

The MDM (Master Data Management) Excel Add-in allows you to connect to any relational database, load (a subset of) the data in Excel and store modifications back to the database—your single version of the truth. No need for an extra metadata database describing your model, the MDM Add-in just works right out of the box. Use Excel features like filtering, sorting and dropdown lists along with database capabilities like audit trailing and dataset relations to navigate through your data by selection. That, combined with native database security support gets you a powerful, user-friendly data management tool.

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  • Connects and enriches data
  • Shows database relations as dropdown lists
  • Navigates between relations
  • Preloads filter datasets
  • Provides an audit trail to view history with restore functionality
  • Security support

MDM Excel Add-in


No start requirements

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