Encrypted Payments

A secure payment flow with payment encryption in Dynamics 365 for finance & operations

Any company interested in securing their payment flow

Payments are handled safely, guaranteed
Connection to banking/payment platform ensures no extra manual actions are needed

Value Proposition

Are you concerned about the efficiency & reliability of your vendor payments? If the answer is “yes”, the delaware dynamics 365FO payment encryption might be the solution. Using the PGP protocol (Pretty Good Privacy), payment files are encrypted and signed (proof of origin of the file) automatically. From the moment a user hits the ‘generate payments’ button, no extra manual steps are required: the payment goes directly to the banking/payment platform. Encryption and signing is end to end: payment information is 100% guaranteed untouched and unmanipulated. Only the banking/payment platform can decrypt the file, make it readable again and check the origin of the file by verifying the signature.


  • Securing your payment flow
  • Protecting your company against cybercriminals
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Encrypted Payments

Packaged consulting services

  • Implementation of encryption/signing of the payment file
  • Integration of Dyn365FO with bank/payment platform
  • Alignment with bank/payment platform platform on technical details
  • Workshop on best practices about key generation/key maintenance with security experts

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Thomas Meersschaert

Thomas has been active in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for more than 6 years. He has a technical background but now focuses on helping customers to optimize their financial processes in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations. He places a strong additional focus on everything that concerns costing and financial reporting.

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