Think-Plan-Act (TPA)

The proven delaware methodology to co-create your transformation roadmap

For those who need to get to a tangible roadmap

Allows you to make the right choices for your transformation
Brings your stakeholders together around a single shared vision and roadmap
Provides a tangible and actionable 1-2 year project roadmap

Value Proposition

Think Plan Act (TPA) is the proven delaware methodology for making strategic choices. TPA is a creative process in which the result is an actionable roadmap for the coming 1-2 years. It incorporates insights based on data, best practices, and intense co-creation allowing parties to align to facilitate transformation.

In our 4-step TPA approach, we will start you off with an in-depth evaluation that will lead you to a realistic and tangible digital roadmap. The 4 TPA steps are:

1. Assess: Gaining an understanding of critical pain points in both experience and processes.

2. Dream: Co-creation of future solutions that will best serve your objectives and tackle pain points.

3. Scope: Translation of identified opportunities into real projects, allowing for a realistic prioritizing of your scope.

4. Roadmap: Bringing it all together into a shared vision and future-proof step-by-step action plan.


  • It incorporates a co-creation process
  • It is based on real customer insights and data
  • It provides advice that best suits your needs and challenges

Pricing adapted to your situation and needs

€25.000 - €125.000

Our references

Contact our expert

Felix De Clercq

Digital strategist with over a decade of experience in creating actionable strategy roadmaps for marketing, sales, and (internal and external) processes, in both B2B and B2C contexts.

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