Automation Center of Excellence

Transforming today, excelling tomorrow: Embrace Automation CoE for a future of efficiency

Applying an Automation Center of Excellence lies in its ability to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation through centralized governance, standardized practices, and cross-functional collaboration.

Getting a hub of knowledge and expertise towards developing an enterprise-wide RPA strategy
Benefit from a centralized RPA governance
Establishing RPA standards, best practices, and processes

Value Proposition

By establishing an Automation CoE (Center of Excellence), your organization will be well-equipped to drive digital transformation, achieve operational excellence, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The Automation CoE will serve as a centralized hub for automation expertise, best practices, and governance, enabling your organization to optimize processes, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve strategic goals.

With the right strategy, resources, and governance in place, the Automation CoE will become a vital asset in our journey towards a more automated and efficient future.


  • Hub of knowledge and expertise
  • Developing an enterprise-wide RPA strategy
  • Aligning the needs and goals of all stakeholders
  • Establishing RPA standards, best practices, and processes
  • Providing centralized RPA governance
  • Overseeing RPA change management, from both business and technical perspectives
  • Training and educating employees on RPA skills
  • Providing RPA service and support

Automation Center of Excellence

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Rafael Azevedo

Rafael Azevedo do Nascimento, a skilled professional in Information Technology Management. He started his career in Brazil in 2012, building experience in different roles in the IT industry. He joined delaware in September 2019 as an RPA consultant and has since excelled in implementing successful RPA solutions for various customers. Member of the Low Code and Automation team, Rafael is currently the RPA lead and the go-to person for all things related to RPA within the company.

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