CX Qualtrics Connect

Enrich your Qualtrics X data with SAP Commerce O data to gain better customer insights

For companies who want to leverage the integration of SAP Commerce and Qualtrics to improve the customer experience.

Better, more accurate and more specific insights, thanks to combined Qualtrics and SAP Commerce data
Create customer-specific dashboards to easily learn more about a customer’s experience
Make it easy for customer service employees to consult the customer experience in real-time using the SAP Commerce Assisted Service Module

Value Proposition

Using CX Qualtrics Connect, you can easily combine operational O data from SAP Commerce with the customer’s survey responses in Qualtrics (X data). The solution enriches the survey responses from your customer with data generated in SAP Commerce, such as the code of a recently placed order, a ticket number, cart totals, navigation behavior, and more. This combination of X and O data can be viewed in dashboards that can, for example, show the sentiment of a specific (group of) customers. To facilitate the usage of this data, CX Qualtrics Connect also extends out-of-the-box SAP Commerce tools like the Assisted Service Module (ASM) to allow customer service employees to access this data during customer contact moments.


  • Enrich Qualtrics data (X data) with SAP Commerce data (O data)
  • Get more insights into your Qualtrics survey responses
  • Facilitate access to Qualtrics insights from within out-of-the-box SAP Commerce tools
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Starters pack


The integration of Qualtrics with two SAP Commerce pages and ASM (Assisted Service Module)

Excl. Qualtrics dashboard and surveys

No consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

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