CX Smart Promo

Leverage machine learning to give your customers the products they want.

For companies that want to suggest meaningful products to their customers.

Use machine learning to provide customers with products they want on each visit
Connect the app with any existing technology using APIs
Integrate your marketing and sales strategies with the app

Value Proposition

CX Smart Promo is a standalone tool that offers personalized recommendations for every customer. Make client visits meaningful with SAP machine learning algorithms and combine this with your own expertise.

Access the app from any environment to get products best suited to your client. See how likely it is that your customer wants this product, and use our in-house up-selling algorithms to boost them to the next tier.


The solution provides sales representatives with products best suited to a specific client, which they can recommend on their visits.

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CX Smart Promo

Installation fee of €10.000
IP license of €200 per month

No consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

Contract for 3 years

Early termination fee: 2 years

Right to use IP during contract term

Excl. SW licenses

Excl. consulting services

Excl. integration

Excl. customization

Excl. maintenance

3 months limited warranty

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Christoph has more than 13 years experience and has a passion for customer engagement and commerce. “We seek to create magical moments for our customers so they can amaze their own customers.”

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