Nutri-Score Calculator

Ensure healthy product formulations - automatically!

For food industry players that want to automatically calculate the Nutri-Scores of their products to offer consumers greater transparency.

Automatic calculation of the Nutri-Score.
SAP integrated into recipe development module.
See the immediate effects of recipe changes on the Nutri-Score.

Value Proposition

The Nutri-Score tool automatically calculates the Nutri-Score class of a product based on your recipe, offering insights during the creation of a new recipe. Alter recipes at an early stage to improve the nutritional value of a product.This tool is completely integrated into the recipe development application of SAP, avoiding manual spreadsheet calculations. The Nutri-Score is recommended by the governments of Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain. In Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria, companies can use it voluntarily.


  • Time-saving, single source of truth regarding product recipes.
  • User-friendly maintenance.
  • Report the correct Nutri-Score logo on your product label.

Nutri-Score Package


Setup of property trees, inclusion of pictogram on end specifications, setup of expert rules server for one Nutri-Score product group). One time investment including training.

Prerequisites: RM or RD activated.

Inclusive of logo printing on end specification sheets (Word/pdf).

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David Swillen

David has 20 years of experience in the food industry, where he has held roles such as R&D and quality manager. He has profound knowledge of food industry processes and business requirements, and a passion for IT software and ERP system implementation. Within delaware, he is part of the compliance team and focuses on the recipe development application.

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