Improve skills by repetitive training in a focused manner

Reskilling and upskilling have become key in today’s ever-changing business environment. Extended Reality (XR) learning solutions enable organizations to develop skills safely and repeatably, anywhere and anytime.

Full insights in the actions of the trainees
Better skilled employees & less accidents
More cost-effective training
Retain, build & trace knowledge

Value Proposition

delaware developed a generic XR learning platform that helps customers facing the challenge of retaining, building and tracing knowledge throughout the organization. Skills are learned using the 4C/ID methodology, where learning tasks are split in part tasks that can be trained individually or in succession, using variations to ensure people are not just learning procedures by heart. People get procedural information in the form of task lists with direct access to learning content, as well as supportive information in the form of feedback, again with a direct link to the learning content. All actions are tracked and recorded so sessions can be evaluated. All results are traced back into the learning management systems that customers have today.

Using this well defined learning structure allows for more cost-effective and high-quality training of procedures.

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Learning - Discovery, Learn, Practice, Test (analyses of test results, overview)

  • Out-of-the-box integration with any Learning Management System
  • Knowledge capture
  • Evaluation tool
  • Recording suite


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Nick Thienpondt

Nick has a strong digital background and is solution lead for the Mobile, Web & IoT Team at delaware. He is responsible for the MWI team and for delivering innovative solutions to the market. His focus is on delivering mobile, web, XR (AR,VR, MR) and IoT solutions to the market, combining the right technology with the right business case.

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