Image Tagging Factory

Automate your image labeling process through the power of artificial intelligence

for whom?

For companies who invest large amounts of time in manually labelling images for their online product catalogs.


  • Image label tagging is automated and requires no manual interference
  • Combines the power of top-performing algorithms from Google, Microsoft and more with custom-developed labeling models.


  • Save time by avoiding manual image labeling
  • Improve label quality and consistency by removing employee bias
  • Expand the number of image tags to improve search and filter functionalities

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Value Proposition

The Image Tagging Factory combines the power of top-performing out-of-the-box algorithms with custom-developed models to fully automate the image labeling process. 

By leveraging the power and capabilities of computer vision, the Image Tagging Factory is able to achieve huge improvements in processing time, speed and capacity. At the same time, the service offers the opportunity to quickly expand the number of image labels with both generic and customer-specific tags.

Pricing Plan

Standard tagging model


Packaged consulting services

Workshop to identify usefull standard tags

1 custom tag


Limited to 2 mandays (per year)

Custom tagging model


Packaged consulting services

Workshop to identify usefull standard tags

5 custom tags


Limited to 4 mandays (per year)

Our expert

Laurence Vandelanotte

Laurence Vandelanotte is manager of the Digital Strategy and Marketing solution and has over 15 years of experience in various aspects of digital business. With her broad expertise on the client side and background as a consultant, she assists organizations in identifying business objectives and user needs to define pragmatic and high-performing digital solutions.

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