XML to CSV converter

XML to CSV and CSV to XML converter for CPI, for files that require advanced conversions.

for whom?

SAP Cloud Platform Integration consultants


File converter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration


  • More advanced options to convert CSV and XML files
  • Conversions are based on the PO file adapter, which unlocks an easy learning curve for integration consultants

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Value Proposition

SAP CPI has a built-in XML to CSV converter, but it has a very basic functionality and it doesn't cover more advanced XML/CSV structures. 

The CPI XML to CSV converter was developed based on the PI/PO solution, which has a built-in converter with significantly more functionality than the CPI tool.

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Pricing Plan

Free download with tutorial included


No consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

Start requirements

Basic knowledge of SAP PO File Adapter and SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Our expert

Ewout Devos

Ewout started his professional career in 2016 as a technical analyst in the SAP integration team, where he gained experience working with SAP PI/PO and CPI for diverse delaware customers.

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