Payment Matcher

Match incoming payments to receivables

Tired of losing time trying to identify which receivables match which bank statements? The Payment Matcher was designed to make it simple.

Automated matching of bank statements to receivables
Based on payment history using machine learning
Allows customer-specific matching procedures

Value proposition

The Payment Matcher was created to help companies that waste time and resources matching the correct receivables to the correct bank statements.

With this template, delaware has created an easy way to centralize all incoming bank statements. Once the bank statements are loaded into the application, several matching procedures are triggered to determine the correct corresponding receivables for these statements. The matching procedures use historical data and are self-learning.

If the application produces a match with a sufficient degree of confidence, it can automatically upload the bank statement and link it to the corresponding receivable. If the confidence level is not sufficient, the user must approve the proposal.


  • Interface or upload bank statements files into the application.
  • The application handles the payment matching for you, but requests approval from your back office if necessary.
  • Once the bank statement lines are matched with a receivable, they are booked in the S/4 system.
Do you have a question?

Basic installation


Packaged consulting services (max. 5 days)

Installation of the Payment Matcher template

Integration with ERP system

Standard matching procedure (MT940 & CAM53 format)

+ 5K per customer-specific matching procedure (other than MT940 & CAM53)

Excl. SAP Cloud Platform Hosting (app runtime, HANA, portal)

Terms & conditions

Excl. Integration with banks

Excl. Customer-specific matching procedure based on payment history

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Tim Leys

Tim is a solution architect working for delaware since 2010. He is responsible for the go-to-market for the SAP development team and delivering innovative solutions on top of SAP ERP & S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo. He has a deep knowledge and hands-on expertise in these areas, allowing him to deliver solutions that bring instant value to delaware customers.

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