TCP/UDP Adapter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Speed up your TCP/UDP integrations with our SAP Cloud Platform Integration adapter

for whom?

  • Integration architects
  • Business analysts
  • Integration implementers


SAP Cloud Integration TCP/UDP adapter


  • Cloud or On Premise connectivity
  • End to end monitoring

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Value Proposition

Ever wanted to integrate with a 3rd party component over TCP or UDP connections via your SAP cloud middleware platform, SAP Cloud Platform Integration. This connectivity is often required while integrating a weighing scale. By default, the platform doesn’t support these kind of connections. A bulky workaround was required in the past to fulfill the requirement. Not anymore, with our TCP/UDP adapter you’ll connect straight from the platform and keep an eye on your end to end business processes.

Pricing Plan



€9000/one time

Help with setup during first year: 1 day expert

Contract for 3 years

Early termination fee: 2 years

Assistance limited to 5 days/year

Right to use IP during contract term

No integration

No customization

No warranty

No implementation in end to end integration flow

Our expert

Pieterjan De Schrijver

Pieterjan started his professional career approximately 10 years ago. At first, the main goal was to focus on the technical challenges of integration. Later on, Pieterjan moved more and more towards an integration owner, meaning the functional process after the integration became part of his DNA. At the moment, Pieterjan is our SAP Cloud Integration lead and architect of a lot of customer integration landscapes (SAP and non-SAP).

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