Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Establish an optimal Industry 4.0 architecture and roadmap for your business.

For organizations that seek to take the next step in their Industry 4.0 journey, but that are struggling to define a vision, roadmap and approach.

Discover how Industry 4.0 can respond to your specific supply chain challenges
Benefit from our insights and best practices, which are captured in our reference Industry 4.0 architecture
Make Industry 4.0 tangible

Value Proposition

  • Starting from your supply chain challenges and priorities, we analyze your as-is solution architecture and business processes.
  • We analyze your reporting and innovation requirements (central and local, real time and long term).
  • We give insights into the latest technological evolutions and inspiration on how our customers in your industry put Industry 4.0 into practice.
  • We jointly define the IT initiatives needed to address your supply chain challenges, priorities and requirements.
  • We jointly define a long-term Industry 4.0 architecture that contains the components needed to support these initiatives, with a high-level estimate of implementation effort and licenses.
  • We jointly shape an Industry 4.0 roadmap that prioritizes the initiatives and investments needed in Industry 4.0 components.


At the end of this exercise, you will have a clear view of:

  • The Industry 4.0 architecture that will serve your long-term needs
  • A list of prioritized initiatives and investments that will help to tackle your supply chain challenges and priorities


Proven, pragmatic methodology to:

  • Establish your Industry 4.0 architecture (including components for ERP shop floor connection, data storage and reporting, preventing and predicting quality and downtime, IIOT, AI and ML, edge computing…)
  • Shape your Industry 4.0 roadmap
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Industry 4.0 Roadmap


Packaged consulting services (limited to 25 days):

  • Scope definition
  • Customer workshops
  • Industry 4.0 expert workshops
  • Design Industry 4.0 architecture
  • Design Industry 4.0 roadmap
  • Implementation and license cost estimations
  • Final presentation

Start requirements:

  • Customer is aware of supply chain challenges and priorities          
  • Customer understands the AS-IS solution architecture, the AS-IS processes and the TO-BE reporting requirements

Industry 4.0 Roadmap options


Available options:

  • Workshops to define supply chain challenges and priorities
  • Workshops to map AS-IS solution architecture, AS-IS processes and TO-BE reporting requirements
  • Workshops to define the business case for Industry 4.0 

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Bringing creative ideas to life is Alexander’s mission, and state-of-the-art technologies are his tools. As a solution lead, he drives innovation and go-to-market of digital manufacturing solutions at delaware. His vast experience in digitizing and optimizing supply chain processes and sharp insights in operational excellence make him a coveted expert and consultant for numerous industries.

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