Innovation as a service

Ready or not, digital transformation is here to stay. Let delaware guide you through it!

For organizations that want to take their digital transformation journey to the next level.

A pragmatic approach to get started with digital transformation
Generation of real tangible innovative experiments

Value Proposition

Innovation as a service is a pragmatic process to inspire and create new innovative experiments (that have a strategic impact on your organization). Together with the key people of your organization we will ideate and jointly craft a list of innovative experiments shaping your digital transformation journey. Afterwards, this list of experiments will be prioritized based on the strategy and vision of your company.


Innovation as a service is a proven process to generate innovative experiments focusing on your industry and company

Have a chat with Steven to discuss the practical set-up of an innovation project in your company

Kickstarter package

€15 000
one-off contract

Packaged consulting services

  • Executive interviews
  • 0,5 day inspiration and intake workshop
  • Kickstarter action plan

Innovation office package

€ 80 000/year
1 year contract

Packaged consulting services

  • Kickstarter package
  • Innovation eco-system format (DEL20)
  • 2 days/month innovation PMO

Excl. SW licenses

Packaged consulting services:

  • Kickstarter: limited to 5 mandays
  • Innovation office: limited to 50 mandays/year

Right to use IP

Customer testimonial

The delaware team has led our digital day with a critical, but positive view. With a fresh wind they have tested our customer experience against the new digital reality. They have the experience and the necessary frameworks to shape our digital challenges. Great guys (and girl)!

Yves Taillieu - CEO Orac

Contact our expert

Steven Lenaerts

Steven has a strong passion for emerging technologies (e.g. IoT, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, humanoids, bots, …). He is helping many customers on how to apply these emerging technologies and assists them through their digital transformation journey. From hype to reality, make companies grow by converting the today’s buzzwords into tangible innovative solutions (bringing added value).

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